About Apptive

Apptive is a forward-looking company focused on building products and solutiions needed for the 21st century. A leader in software solutions that solve critical challenges for organziations and consumers alike.

Apptive was founded by a group of creators who wanted to prove consumers and organziations don't need to compromise in the the software they use.

Our Team

Patrick WillettsFounder & CEO

An engineer at heart, Patrick brings five years of software and finance expertise to Apptive. After starting his career in corporate healthcare accounting, Patrick took up software development. After seeing modern software repeatedly fail consumers and organizations, he decided to co-found Apptive and change the game.

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Chad ParkerFounder & COO

Chad brings over a decade of user experience and interaction design coupled with a strong front-end development skill set. Leading our user-centered approach to design, Chad ensures our products are just as intuitive as they are effective.

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